How do I Access the Library Quiz/Tutorials my Instructor has Assigned? I Need to Email or Print My Print My Certificate?


If you have been assigned a Library Skills Tutorial to complete for your class, view and complete the tutorials that your instructor has assigned for your class.

The instructions below are for all Library Skills Tutorials. View each tutorial as your instructor directs you. After completing each tutorial, there will be a multiple-choice quiz at the end. You must complete the quiz to receive credit for the tutorial. Follow your instructor’s directions for submitting your grade for the quiz once you have completed it. Please call (864) 592-4764 or email if you have questions.

It is important to note that you must complete the tutorial in one sitting; you cannot exit out of the tutorial and come back to the same spot.



  1. Start on the library’s website. You can access the library’s website through the SCC Portal, or on SCC’s main website,, and click on “Services and Support,” then “Library.”
  2. On the website homepage, under Get Help, click Library Tutorials.
  3. Library homepage with Library Tutorials highlighted in a yellow box with a yellow arrow pointing to it.

  4. After clicking Tutorials, click Library Skills Tutorials (2nd tab from the top).
  5. Library Tutorials webpage with a red arrow and red box around Library Skills Tutorials.

  6. Click on the name of the tutorial you wish to complete.
  7. Review the instructions for the tutorial and enter your name, email, and course you are completing the tutorial for.
  8. Some pages in the tutorial will be interactive, where you will need to click or search through library pages. Follow the directions on every page of the tutorial so you know what to do.
  9. Click Next Slide to advance through the tutorial.
  10. Be sure to scroll down on each screen to make sure you see all the content. Some pages are longer than others!
  11. After the tutorial, the final page will be the quiz (labelled QUIZ). Answer every question and click Submit to submit your answers.
  12. Certificate of Completion Instructions

  13. After you submit your tutorial, the Certificate of Completion will appear on your screen.
  14. You should email or download and save your certificate as a PDF. Note: if you need to email your certificate, you will need to click the Email button within 5 minutes of completing your tutorial or the button will disappear.
  15. From the saved PDF, you can either print or screenshot to give to your instructor. Some instructors will access the PDF, so you should consult the instructions.
  16. If you have any questions regarding your Certificate of Completion, please contact the library at or 864-592-4764.
  17. Click the email button under your certificate to email the certificate to yourself.
  18. Remember, this button will disappear after 5 minutes.
  19. Screenshot of the Certificate of Completion with the Email button with a red rectangle around it and a red arrow pointing to it.


  20. Click the Print button under your certificate to print a copy.