How Can I Find Sources for My Short Story Criticism Paper

I need help finding sources on foreshadowing I am supposed to turn in an essay on two stories I've read and the foreshadowing that is contained in them. The issue is, I'm also supposed to have 4-5 sources that help explain that foreshadowing and I'm having an issue locating good sources. I am hoping to use some that describe different types of foreshadowing and how they can effect the story.


While it is great if you can find citations on the exact short story and the theme what you want to write about, it is rare find. You will have to be creative to find your sources and understand that the article may not be on the topic you are researching but there may be information in articles on the short story that will support your essay. 


For example when you look at "A Jury of Her Peers (Short story)" in Gale Literature Resource Center, the first article is on the fact that is it a detective story and talks about clues. An argument could be made that clues are really foreshadowing the ending or outcome. There are some of the other articles found in that search that there may be a line or two or even a paragraph that might support your essay. It will take reviewing the articles with a critical eye and understanding that there may be no mention of the word "foreshadowing," but that it does show or support something you have mentioned in your essay.


Since a "The Thing in the Forest" has only been out since 2003, there is less written about it. My suggestion is you may want to look at similar stories to see how they used foreshadowing. Stories set in the forest or with monsters and tie them back to "The Thing in the Forest." For example, I did a search on "horror and foreshadowing" in the Gale Literature Resource Center. While "The Thing in the Forest" is not discussed in any of the articles, stories with similar themes are talked about. You may be able to find a quote to support your essay.

You can also look up under the author's name and the element that you are searching for as there may be other articles on other works by the author that have the same or similar themes.


Hopefully, this helps you get the sources you need to support the themes in your essay. Contact the library's or using the form if you have specific questions.

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